Lombardo Custom Apparel

Lombardo Custom Apparel: The Best in Handmade Suits

Welcome and thank you for looking at Lombardo Custom Apparel.  We have been making fantastic top quality custom suits in the Dallas area for over 25 years.   Not only are we dedicated to creating a great clothing that matches your style, we are committed to making sure that it fits you perfectly.  You just cannot do that buying men’s suits off the rack at a clothing store.  Why?

Because there are very few choices when you buy off of the rack.  Your color choices are usually limited to black, grey, blue, or possibly tan and white.  You can have 2 buttons or 3 buttons.  And that is the end of your options.  Frankly, that just doesn’t work for some people.

Custom Suits for Those Who Want More

Some people want to get attention.  Some people have a loud personality.  Some people want a refined and classic look.  Whatever personality type you are, we can make sure that you are dressed to show it off.  After all, you do everything that you can to make sure that you look good, why not do the same with your clothes?

Not only do we have a few decades of experience, we also have the experience of creating handmade suits and clothing for some of the most important people in America.  For example, we’ve help numerous TV personalities look their best for shows, politicians for campaigns and draft picks!

Visit Us for the Finest Custom Suits

So whatever your needs are, make sure to stop by and have your measurements taken. We offer the best when it comes to handmade suits  If you want, you can even come by on Thursdays for our Patio Nights.  These are a great way to relax and meet some new people, complete with live music and wine.  Once we have your measurements, we can simply mail you whatever you’d like, so you don’t have to make the trip back; just enjoy looking your best with our custom suits!